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OLOUGHLIN ASSOCIATES is a firm dedicated to helping students reach their potential.

We assist families in identifying the best schools, finding answers to their questions,
and managing the application process.

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Boarding Schools are located throughout North America and beyond

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Our family worked with Maureen. We had our sights set on one particular school, but after going through the process we found a much better fit and we're very happy.

We chose OLOUGHLIN ASSOCIATES because of the depth of Maureen's hands-on experience with the schools that offered the athletic and academic rigor we wanted.

Maureen is insightful, organized in her thinking, and prepared in her recommendations.
-- Director of Admissions, LD School

We were referred to Maureen by another family. She leveraged practical experience and worked around our own schedules to keep the process on track. We’re very happy with the selection of schools we had to select from.
-- Parent

I learned a lot about finding my voice in the interviewing process. Maureen took the time to help me to understand how to be deliberate and authentic during the interview.
- Student

She is quick to pick up on the subtleties and specific needs of each child and has been spot-on with regard to school selections.
-- Mother of 5 students enrolled in multiple schools

Maureen has a wealth of knowledge about the schools. She excelled in the whole process, made us feel comfortable, and worked well with our daughter.
-- Parents

I've worked extensively with Maureen over the years and have come to rely unequivocally on her judgement and her abilities to follow up and follow through with every aspect of navigating a family through the process of applying to, and transitioning into, boarding school.
-- Professional Educational Consultant


Every student deserves the chance to create their own success story.

Each school provides a unique setting to support that journey.

What Makes Us Different?

We use a student-centered approach while
working collaboratively with parents and top professionals to match the environment with  applicants' individual needs and goals.

“Maureen understands the power of transformative positive change. She has seen the extraordinary good that can come from matching a student with a school.”

-- Professional Education Consultant and Former IECA Board Member

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